Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Data Preparation Webinar Slide Deck

Here’s the deck that I presented at today’s webinar complete with the DAX formulas I added to the PracticeFusion PowerPivot workbook.  You can get the data from the Azure Marketplace or download one of my preloaded copies.
Included in the deck is the coupon code for 50% off the Predixion Insight Cloud service for 3 months – expires 3/15/2011!

Drop me a line or post a comment if you have any questions!  (I’ll update this post when the video is posted)
EDIT:  Webinar replay is available here


  1. The "preloaded copies" link is not working. It is returning HHTP 404 in fiddler

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! The original link I posted was a direct download link that expires. I changed it to a permanent link to the hosting page from which you can download the file.