Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Introducing Predixion Insight 2.0!


We are on the verge of releasing Predixion Insight 2.0 and I wanted to give everyone a heads up on some of the new capabilities.  It’s been a very exciting release and the product (if I may say so myself) is looking beautiful!  Every time I step back and actually use the product (rather than develop it) I’m stunned by what we’ve accomplished!

We have in short measure changed what it means to “do” predictive analytics.  Predixion Insight 2.0 provides real advances in discovery and collaboration that significantly improve how users will even be able to talk about their predictive work. 

In my mind there’s so much more road for us to travel, so much more we can – and will – be doing to transform predictive analytics to predictive intelligence – but this milestone puts quite a bit of that highway behind us.

I put together a short vblog showing some of the changes we’re releasing this week.  Later I’m sure we’ll have a nice polished version that’s messaged appropriately, but this one is just a fairly raw footage of me introducing 2.0 to you.  Enjoy and come back for more!.


A taste of Predixion Insight 2.0

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  1. Great job on Insight 2.0 the new visualizations are awesome!