Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our own 11-11-11–the launch of Predixion Insight 2.0!

skyrimAlthough the weekend is likely to be more filled with Skyrim than Predixion Insight, today (being minutes before I posted this) we launched our groundbreaking Predixion Insight 2.0 cloud predictive analytics service.  Accompanied by the musical stylings of our own Matthew Meadows the dev team works out the last details in order to make sure we have a smooth deployment of the cloud platform.   As the final build draws to a close, the team chats about the distribution of Now & Laters , laughs about political gaffes, and the third thing, oops, I can’t remember the third thing.
The last few weeks as we’ve been able to step back and actually use the product we’ve built, it’s truly a delight.  Bogdan and I have both just stood in the hallway and related how fun it is.  Who would think that a predictive analytics business application could be “fun”?  The collaborative visualizations we’ve added to the product transform how we think about problems and how we talk about them.  The features even have changed how we conduct bug triages as we can link to the product directly from Visual Studio bug reports and have the issues presented right there.  No need to capture a bitmap or rely on the descriptive range of test prose – we can just link to the freakin’ issue!  Boom – there it is!
And it’s pretty too – overlaying tiles and animated graphics really transform the pattern discovery experience.  Being able to share your explorations with colleagues through commenting and actually see exactly what they were seeing when they made the comment is remarkable once you start using it.  I can’t imagine going back to a single analyst view of the world after using Insight 2.0 – it would just seem….stifling.
This release means a lot to me personally – my goal has always been to change the world through software, and with Predixion I believe I’m in the right place with the right team to make it happen.  We have an incredible development org right now that deserves all the credit in the world for building such an amazing product that will only get better.  I really feel honored to be working with this great team that made this possible:
  • Bogdan Crivat
  • Shuvro Mitra
  • Abdul Shameer
  • Duong Nguyen
  • Jeff Willis
  • Tatyana Yakushev
  • Matt David
  • Yimin Wu
  • Matthew Meadows
  • Raghu Ramachandran
Also – it goes without mentioning that the development team couldn’t make this happen in a vacuum and it’s the SoCal and roaming Predixion team members and of course our investors that create the environment that allows us to deliver our vision and technology to the world.  So without listing our company directory, I’ll just say that I appreciate all the pulls and tugs and support from all the other Predixionites that make this possible.
Anyway - 2.0 is really just the beginning from which we will continue to make dramatic changes in not just “predictive analytics” but how people value and appreciate their data and how data can make a difference in people’s lives.  And just to wrap it up, and since I made it today – here’s a tutorial video introducing the frame controls for Predixion Insight 2.0.
Predixion Insight 2.0 Viewer Controls Tutorial

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