Friday, March 12, 2010

Just some doodles… and my favorite old post…

Since all my Facebook friends were kind enough to remind me that it was by birthday today, I decided I can post anything .   At the end I’ll let you in on my favorite posting of all time from my past life, but for now something completely different.

I looked around my desk and found these weird scribbles that come about whenever I’m on the phone.  I can’t necessarily remember what I was talking about, but here they are:

This creature was on my daily todo list -

TODO Monster

These guys came out of my pen while I was talking to a lawyer about hiring processes and H1-B’s.

Legal Creatures

And, if I remember correctly, this was a stressful conversation.  I probably should have dropped the memory into that beaker thingie….


Anyway, enough of rambling doodles. I’m sure to make more since I got a lot of response to my job posting on StackOverflow and will be calling to follow up on.

And for my favorite previous-life posting of all time ….

These Kids Won’t Eat Anything!this post describes this really cool demo I did at PASS 2008 building a model using the Excel Data Mining Addins to predict what possible foods my twin boys would eat culminating in a deployment of that model to my mobile phone.  Lot’s of fun and a pic of the boys as well.

So I think that wraps up all the posts from worth mentioning – looking forward to providing you with new content – and maybe some doodles.

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