Friday, March 5, 2010

Openings at Predixion

I wrote this job description up to capture a bunch of interest, but didn’t really have a place to post it, so why not here?  If you have comments on the posting – email me!  If you think you may be interested – email me!  Eventually this copy will be floating around elsewhere, but you can read it here first!

I’m the CTO of a new, well-funded startup company in the Seattle, WA (Eastside) area. I’m looking to hire around 10 developers over the next several months, possibly a couple skilled test engineers. Our company is building some unique software on the Microsoft stack, so MS-haters need not apply, I’m not much for dogma anyway. The software will by analytical in nature with a business focus. We’re offering competitive salaries and a great team environment and a well-managed company put together with the clear and careful forethought towards successful execution and high valuation.
I’m looking for developers that are talented, mature, creative and confident enough to strive forward in an ambiguous startup atmosphere, yet also maintain enough humility to understand that they are on a team and boastful pride will get you nowhere. Also, we’ll be in shared offices at least for a while, so a modicum personal hygiene is respected. Strong CS fundamentals are a must, demonstrated ability and strong references strong plusses. The vast majority of coding will be in .NET, although there may be some opportunities for C++ as well. Additional bonus points for any of the following skillsets:
  • Silverlight
  • Sharepoint
  • SQL Server + SQL Server BI
  • Cloud Computing – EC2/Azure
  • R and other statistical languages
  • Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
Originally I was only considering candidates with unrestricted eligibility to work in the US, but after talking to our lawyer this morning I can consider candidates who need sponsorship, provided requirements are met.
As I stated above, we’re in the unique position to be offering competitive salaries in a startup company. We will be offering an excellent insurance package once we’ve grown to enough employees, but until then we can assist with any COBRA payments to continue your existing healthcare. We’re also located in one of the few (or so I’m told) “green-certified” buildings and we’re in walking distance of many restaurants, a post office, a library, shopping and parks.
So, who am I? I have 18-19 years experience in software development shipping a wide variety of products, developing the low-level architectures to the front ends and in the mean time managing teams from 3 to 30+ people, traveling worldwide to present at conferences, and also wrote a couple books. I’m a family guy with four kids (thus the reason we’re investing in a good insurance plan) and I believe in my product and my team. I enjoy the team environment and have been lucky enough to have found excellent talent to work with and am looking for more. My goal has always been to change the world through software in whatever ways that I can.
So, if you are interested in these opportunities and live in the area or are willing to relocate on your own (sorry, no relo packages), drop me a note with a resume clearly stating relevant skills and experience, references and all that jazz to .